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We are a team of experienced community managers with a large portfolio of unique skills that empower blockchain startups to live up to their full potential. We build reputations that resonate with the vision of the project, and resilient communities that will watch that vision come to life.

Empowering defiant startups

Engaged community moderation

Guerilla marketing

Growth hacking

Content creation / eReputation

Vetted team of professionals

Fair compensation

Incentivized performance

Shared values

Full KYC/verification

Non-profit matters

People first

Value driven, outcome focused

Lean, agile, flexible

Relentless improvement

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As thought leaders in DLT, we engage with DeFi followers, supporting a healthy relationship between representatives of a startup and their supporters.


Understanding the mindset of the various stakeholders and navigating a high-risk environment, we focus resources where it matters most to maintain project reputations.


We are aware of the dangers exposed to retail investors. We therefore create a user-friendly environment that is secure for both followers and the project team.

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