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Establishing reputations that resonate with your vision, crafting resilient communities that will watch that vision come to life

Providing safety and peace of mind for the community and project

We answer community queries, provide technical support, escalate any issues, delete spam and improper content, keep the channels on topic. We set up social platforms following industry best practice (e.g., Discord, Telegram).

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Improve engagement through relationships and project mastery

Establish trust and empathy through open and honest communication with community, endorsing the comprehension of multiple points of view, and educating about the necessary technical background and respecting individual points of view.

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Listen to the voice of your audience

Providing guidance and expertise to early-stage projects in areas of community management, token sale, networking, product development, and engagement, while extrapolating follower data to ensure budgets are used where they matter most.

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Designing customized, immersive experiences with reward systems and incentives, we drive user participation and create viral campaigns that leverage social media for increased visibility.

Our data-driven approach ensures continuous optimization and improvement, maximizing the effectiveness of gamification efforts.

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Community queries answered
1 %
1 /7
Spam/ Scam policy
Average response time
1 min

We build strong bridges between startups and their supporters in the DeFi realm

By channeling our resources, we grasp the unique mindset of every stakeholder, ensuring that project reputations remain intact even in high-risk scenarios.

Recognising the challenges your audiences face, spaces moderated by Defiants are always:

secure, user-friendly and they benefit both followers and project teams

Why Outsource?

Significantly Cheaper

24/7 resources are expensive: take advantage of an economy of scale by outsourcing to professionals

Improved decision-making

With access to expert community managers and data-driven insights, we help making a more informed decisions about the community and its needs

Predictable costs

Typical hidden costs ($$$) are built-in when outsourcing:
- Hiring
- Training
- Performance Management

Wealth of experience

Defiants bring a wealth of experience and insight that can help sidestep common issues and ensure a good first impression


As the community grows, Defiants can scale its support to meet the needs of the expanding community, ensuring continued engagement and growth.

Time Savings

Managing a community can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Outsourcing frees up internal resources to focus on core business activities.

What people say about us

Defiants are one of the few community managers who get not only involved professionally in the projects they work on, but also emotionally.

They are operationally efficient at promptly defining frameworks and achieving milestones.

AllianceBlock is very happy to be working with Defiants on achieving our common vision.

Rachid Ajaja
CEO, AllianceBlock
Defiants has been with us since almost day 1 of our entry into the Web3 space and have been phenomenal at building, engaging, and safeguarding our community as its grown from just a handful of metaverse enthusiasts, to a vibrant ecosystem of creators & developers that’s now almost 50K strong.

With their support, no message goes unread, all questions are answered, and all users get the testing and technical support they need, even when the tech is new or unfamiliar to them. Not only that, but over the past year, the Defiants team has always been willing to innovate with us in a way that encourages not just growth, but quality engagement on our server - a major feat in a world so often filled with spam, scams, and hype.

Casey Halter
Director of Content & Community, Lamina1
The Defiants have been incredibly helpful in servicing Onomy’s community pre-launch, during its testnet, and most importantly, post- launch!

They’ve always shown professionalism, handled all community questions with care, and have been extremely useful in helping run multiple community campaigns.

Glad to have them on as Onomy contributors!
Daniel Dob
CMO, Onomy Protocol
Defiants have been great throughout the 2 years we have been working with them. They have been here since the community beginning from ICOs to each product launch.

They are very knowledgeable about all crypto, blockchain or NFT projects and do their homework incredibly well to know your project inside and out. I would highly recommend these guys to any project at whatever stage they are at- from 0 community members to 1 billion plus.

Words to describe Defiants: Proactive, Reactive and Productive.
Oliver Stretton
Head of Content, Boson Protocol

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