About Us

Defiants transforms your community strategy by connecting your audience with the core of your product offering, providing a unified tone of communication

Our Core Values


Co-founded by a licensed computer engineer, project management professional, and IBM certified blockchain consultant


Helped dozens of DeFi and web3 partners establish English communities


We invest all profits back in the team, ensuring sustainability and quality.


Multidisciplinary team of blockchain enthusiasts


Passionate about supporting crucial DeFi and web3 projects


Over 30 years of combined community and marketing experience

Not-For-Profit Matters

Defiants operates as a not-for-profit organization, utilizing earned funds strictly for operating costs and strategic social initiatives like the Nakivale refugee project. Excess funds are not distributed to our directors, but reinvested in community and social innovation projects, ultimately improving the services we provide to our clients.

Part Of Something Bigger

At the core of Defiants lives a drive to support causes that shape the lives of individuals and communities.

Defiants supported the Nakivale Refugee camp in Uganda in building its education center; providing job opportunities for teachers as well as training refugees about Web3 and crypto.




Isaac is a licensed computer engineer, certified blockchain consultant, and former IBM technical project manage. Harnessing over 18 years of technical experience, his practical approach to organizational strategy and resource man- agement harmonizes our team with the needs of our clients.

As a critical tech investor, Isaac has become a seasoned negotiator for DLT startups.



Since the start of his career, Gino immersed himself in cutting-edge fields, where social and economic disruption stood central.

Over the past 12 years, he has been active in numerous grass-roots and tech startups, developing his talents and rewriting the vision and mission of decentralised Internet business and finance.


Core team

Coming from a background in hospitality, Michael brings to the team over 8 years of experience in client relations, communications and support services.

When he’s not surfing the web3 space, Michael can be found surfing the waves of the West Coast, producing and engineering electronic music & cooking up culinary delights in his kitchen.


Core team

Traditionally fascinated by the financial systems and their relation to the macroeconomic environment, these interests catalyzed into his enthusiasm for decentralized finance and web3 technology.

His desire is to take a pivotal role in the industry, starting where it matters most — community.


Core team

A diligent individual committed to positive impact projects, with interests in technology, car repairs and restoring vintage computers.

He assists a few Swiss companies working on in-vitro diagnostics, malaria supplement distribution in Africa, and a blockchain-powered recyclables tracking startup.


Core team

Tony is a multi-industry professional with a strong background in hospitality and food & beverage, as well as experience in commercial representation and operations management in photovoltaic development.

In his free time he is also a skilled chef.


Core team

Battle hardened fanatic in the crypto/web3 scene for over 6 years, a veteran with active involvement in over 30+ projects and communities.

His kicks come from participating in and building web3 projects whilst keeping his finger on the pulse with the latest FinTech developments. Engrained experience in multiple chains and ecosystems.


Core team

With a strong background in User Experience Design and Market Strategy, Jack is passionate about community advocacy, human centred decision making and to-market strategy.

Creating easy to use interfaces and data based testing systems to increase wider industry adoption is a driving cause for him.

Start Building

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