Web3 Community Management in 2024: The Crucial Role of Expert Support

Managing a web3 community as a startup owner in 2024 presents multifaceted challenges that extend far beyond simple dialogue. Community queries, compliance, scam prevention, and continuous support are just the tip of the iceberg in ensuring engaged and secure community environment.  Web3 Community Management in 2024: A Time-Consuming Endeavor As an owner of a new […]

What skills do you need to be a community manager in Web3?

So you’re wondering what skills you need to be a community manager in web3? Community management in this space presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. It requires skills that merge traditional marketing with knowledge of fast-evolving decentralised technologies. I’ll outline four key skills for Web3 community managers. I’ll also detail their vital roles […]

Effective Strategies for Hosting a Successful Crypto AMA

In the dynamic and often enigmatic world of web3 and cryptocurrencies, AMA (Ask Me Anything) have emerged as a vital tool for community engagement and information dissemination. Since 2018, Defiants have been at the forefront of utilizing AMAs to bridge the gap between crypto projects and their communities. My article aims to provide an in-depth […]

Enhancing Discord Communities: The Power of Roles

Web3 communities are redefining the way people connect, collaborate, and share their passions. At the heart of this transformation lies Discord, a platform that has seamlessly integrated itself into the Web 3 ecosystem, serving as the virtual hub for communities that span blockchain, decentralized finance, NFTs, and beyond. In the traditional online world, Discord roles […]

Why Are Web3 Communities Important?

In the dynamic world of Web3, communities are not just important — they are the heartbeat of innovation and progress. These digital gatherings are where the power of collective intelligence shines. Steering projects through the highs and lows of the technological frontier and financial markets. Harnessing Collective Strength Web3 communities are powerhouses of passion and […]

Connect, Create & Collaborate: Web3 Discord Communities

Discord has emerged as a powerhouse platform for fostering vibrant communities in the realm of web3. The digital realm is becoming more interconnected by the day. As a result, the art of cultivating a successful Discord community has grown in both relevance and complexity. The delicate balance between engagement and moderation, fun and safety, freedom […]

Community Management’s Key Role in Web3 Bear Markets

The web3 landscape, like many innovative technologies before it, moves in waves. There’s the euphoria of a bull market, when everything seems golden and the enthusiasm for decentralized applications and tokens reaches fever pitch. And then, inevitably, there’s the disillusionment of bear markets, when interest wanes and communities seem to scatter. Having been at the […]

Ambassadors & Community Activation in Crypto Startups

Crypto startups thrive on the foundation of their communities. In a world where the blockchain industry is rapidly growing, it is more important than ever to have a strong, loyal community to support your product. However, building such a community can seem daunting, and many startups are left scratching their heads. This is where ambassadors […]

Discord Scam Methods and 5 ways to Prevent Them

Bad actors in your Discord server will often try different methods to bypass server security. Their target? Scam vulnerable members of your community! Scam accounts interact with server members in channels and through direct messages. This interaction helps them appear as team members and moderators.Scam accounts often join a Discord server and finish the verification […]

Top 5 Telegram Scams – Navigating the Treacherous Waters

Setting the Stage: The Rising Tide of Telegram Deception In the complex world of Telegram communities, especially in web3 crypto realms, Defiants has been exploring since 2018. Throughout this journey, they have faced a myriad of scams. A rising wave of deceit in the blockchain field has tarnished its reputation. Nowadays, many people associate ‘crypto’ […]