Keeping Discord Communities Safe with Verification Bots

Keeping Discord Communities Safe with Verification Bots

Keeping Discord communities safe from bad actors and scams is paramount in today’s digital age, especially with the rise of sophisticated cyber threats and malicious users.

Discord, being a popular platform for communities to gather and interact, is no exception to these threats. Fortunately, with the advent of technology and the development of specialized tools, safeguarding your community has become more accessible than ever.

Here’s a list of 5 different verification bots you can use to keep your Discord community safe!

1: Wick

Wick bot requires users to enter a custom captcha before entering the server. It features built-in anti-raid methods that keep your server safe from attacks. Wick bot can be seen as an industry standard as it is one of the most reliable. It has a unique auto-mod functionality and it can even monitor the activity of your staff members and react if a weird behavior (that you specify) is met. The days of nukes (you losing your entire server) are long gone.

  • Primary Function: Moderation and security for Discord.
  • Servers: Wick is active on 502K servers.
  • Raids Stopped: Successfully stopped 40M raids.
  • Nukes Stopped: Prevented 9.8M nukes.
Wick has a lot to offer!


2: Captcha.Bot

Captcha.Bot requires users to solve a case-sensitive captcha before time runs out. This can be quite useful to catch bots that join servers and idle before completing the captcha. You can tweak various settings to manage users with numerous failed attempts. Depending on your preferences, the system can kick, ban, or place these users in a server timeout.

  • Scam Link Removal: Instantly removes scam links when posted.
  • Suspicious Account Flagging: Automatically flags suspicious accounts during verification.
  • Accessibility: Offers images, audio, and online verification to cater to various server needs.
  • Time Limit Enforcement: Configure to ban or kick users if they don’t complete their captcha within a set time.
  • Server Insights: Provides data on server activity to educate new members and track weekly comparisons.


3. Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer requires users to complete a captcha by answering a question provided by the bot using an emoji reaction. It has some built in features that allow you to blacklist certain usernames or symbols to prevent bot and scam accounts from raiding a server. 

  • Anti-bot System: Provides a verification process for new members to confirm they are human, preventing raids, bot accounts, and malicious users.
  • Avatarban: Allows banning of users based on their avatar. (Currently unavailable)
  • Blacklist: Takes action on users based on a set of restrictions.
  • Globalban: Globally bans a specific user across all servers where the bot is present and the moderator has the necessary permissions.
  • Nameban: Bans users based on their username, with Regex support for precise filtering.
  • Raidban: Bans users based on Discord’s default join message, useful for targeting raid participants.


4. Dyno

Dyno bot requires users to react to a post from the bot to gain access to the rest of the server. There are many different modules that can be set up as server safeguards to be used as extra moderation tools to automate your server. 

  • Dashboard: A rich and configurable web dashboard, allowing users to easily enable, disable, and adjust settings.
  • Moderation: Provides moderation tools including mod logs, timed mutes, and bans. It also features auto-moderation and anti-spam capabilities that are fully customizable.
  • Unique Features: Offers autoroles, custom commands, announcements, joinable ranks, AFK status, reminders, and several other functionalities.
  • Wide Usage: Dyno is trusted and used in over 8.7 million servers.
Dyno's dashboard can be overwhelming at first, but there's a lot of functionality hidden there!


5. Altdentifier

Altdentifier uses third party applications to verify the identity of new users joining a server. Additionally, it serves as a moderation tool, offering various commands to implement different server safeguards.

To take your server security to the next level & consider using different bots in parallel with each other to achieve different effects. Different bots excel at specific tasks, and it falls to you to decide which ones align best with your community’s needs!

  • User Verification System: Offers a comprehensive verification system where new users receive a DM to verify through platforms like Steam, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Xbox, and even Google Captcha.
  • Checkpoint System: Effectively deters bots and stops alternate accounts, ensuring only legitimate users can join.
  • Detailed Verification Info: Provides detailed information about joining users, including alerts if they are using a VPN.
  • Web Panel: A user-friendly web panel that simplifies the bot setup and configuration process.
  • Automatic Anti-Raid: Combines anti-raid and verification features to prevent automated accounts from joining, ensuring a safe server environment.
  • Multi-Language Support: Available in multiple languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.
  • Clean Logging: Logs all server events, such as message edits, deletions, leaves, bans, and more, for better server management.


In order to keep Discord communities safe, consider deploying multiple bots simultaneously. Each bot excels in specific areas, and the synergy can create a robust protective shield. The choice is yours: pick the bots that resonate most with your community’s ethos and needs. If you’re having some doubts, reach out to us! We’re more than happy to share some of our knowledge during a free consultation.