Table of Contents

Our Approach

Founded in 2018, Defiants has been established on a shared vision focused on the fertilisation of a new culture around community management. A culture that’s facilitating the demands and goals of the rapidly-growing decentralised web (Web3) scene while setting the right foundations for it to unfold its immense potential. 

It goes without saying that the presence of a strong community with shared values and vision has been the common denominator among most (if not all) successful causes; be they political, social, spiritual, or commercial. At the same time, the concept of decentralisation is honed in on the idea of eradicating intermediaries while providing communities with the right tools and frameworks to serve their own goals autonomously.

However, it seems that the very essence of decentralisation is what’s being neglected the most as the profit-oriented market is overlooking the authentic & long-lasting value a strong active community can add to a project.

We are nurturing a new mindset. 

Merging evidence and insights from anthropology, sociology, psychology, marketing, and communication studies, we are fostering a new culture in our communities. We have cultivated a multi-layered approach that’s rooted in our deep understanding of how communities should operate to optimise growth and self-actualize. One that’s blending the power of traditional communities with the ease and tools of the digital/Web3 world.

The following verticals form the cornerstone of our approach and their combined output ensures reliable operations and organic success for your project.

Community Moderation

The Web3 space is greatly characterised by rapid shifts of trends, bull runs & bear markets, rug pulls, and, often, vast online communities that underpin all those behaviours. 

Thus, the importance of maintaining the health and stability of online communities is paramount. When treated as such, a positive feedback loop gets activated where a tailored community moderation creates the feeling of trust and credibility in Web3 projects that, in turn, attract more members increasing the overall health of the community.

Having a dedicated team of moderators available 24/7, we ensure proper and cohesive management of communities at all times, promoting productive discussions, enforcing community guidelines, resolving conflicts, curating content, providing support, and promoting engagement. 

Generosity in Engagement

Being among the foundational values of democracy, decentralisation entails a great amount of solidarity and a rather collectivist spirit, thus, positing generosity in engagement as the key for a community to realise its truly greatest potential. 

Under this premise, we take pride in our ability to create value-driven environments where accessibility, support, and respect are promoted through the cultivation of a generous culture.

 Generosity in engagement refers to a selfless approach to community management, where the focus is on providing value to members and creating a positive experience for them. This can be achieved through a variety of means, such as responding to questions promptly, offering support and resources, and providing opportunities for members to engage with one another.

Our philosophy on community management is centred around the belief that the success of a thriving community is analogous to the extent of engagement present. When community members are the recipients of generous interactions, a tit-for-tat basis gets created that fuels members’ motivation to return the favour back to the community becoming more active and advocating for the project itself. 

Our objective is to create a culture of generosity within each community we work with, and we do this by fostering positive relationships between members and project stakeholders. This can be achieved through activities such as community events, regular engagement with members, and providing a supportive platform for members to connect with one another.

We build deep relationships between the Web3 community and your project leading to a more engaged, stronger, and vibrant community that will support your project for years to come.

Building Strong Personal Relationships

At Defiants we strongly believe that people – both project contributors and community members – should be put on the pilot’s seat. Cultivating strong relationships is at the core of our approach to community management as our expertise has taught us that building member-to-project relations is a twofold dynamic process. Through facilitation of productive discussions and driving engagement, ultimately leads us to increased trust and loyalty with members who visit the chats more frequently.

We actively engage in constant dialogues, listen to the needs and understand their problems, and, in turn, we respond to their questions and concerns while providing them with guidance and tailored solutions. Honesty and transparency with the community are safeguarding the feeling of security and confidence for the members as well as laying the foundations for the creation of long-lasting relationships both on the community and personal level.

By understanding the uniqueness of each community we are able to tailor our methods for each client. We to take into consideration the respective challenges, strengths, needs and goals that drive a smooth growth curve. All this is achieved while maintaining our alignment with the project’s overall vision and goals.

Community Activation

As a community management agency that has been at the front line of the Web3 industry for many years, our wealth of experience and insights have proven essential and game-changing to communities we have worked with and helped realise their potential. 

Community activation is equally important to the success of a project as the building of strong community relationships. Taking a hands-on approach towards each client allows us to develop and maintain expert-level knowledge to provide accurate and up-to-date information to community members and understand the key aspects that are important to its members. Doing so enhances the trust and confidence of the community in the project, ultimately leading to higher engagement and participation.

Our goal is to help startups identify & understand their audiences, so they can, in turn, activate and grow their communities in an organic and sustainable way on the basis of long-lasting relationships. If you’re looking for a partner to aid your community’s activation and drive growth, we are here to undertake this challenge while letting you work on the development of your project.

Stimulating Relevant and Personable Conversations

In order for a community to really maximise its potential, the engagement and strong relationships between members and contributors need to be kept stimulated and dynamic. 

Along these lines, we focus on encouraging discussion and engagement among our clients’ communities via dedicated spaces where members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

We utilise our deep knowledge of Web3 communities to create powerful content and engaging activities that resonate with members and keep them involved.

We leverage game mechanics and rewards to drive community participation – and not just with monetary incentives. In fact,  we spawn opportunities for members to earn ranks, experience, and exposure in the community for their contributions, while motivating them to become more active and committed to the community.

Keeping The Community Safe

Building a strong and successful community in the broader Web3 space requires more than just having a large number of followers. Trust in a community shall not be a mere result of personal relationships and engagement, but it should also emanate from the protection of the community against malicious actors and the support on safety matters. 

The safety of our clients’ communities is the alpha and omega – and, we take this very seriously. 

We construct environments where members can reach out for support without experiencing the threat of being victimised or scammed. We actively monitor for scams, spam, impersonators, and other malicious actors, helping to keep the community safe and secure. Last but not least, we ensure members’ funds are safe in all possible ways, maintaining the confidence in participation with your community.