We are fluent and conscious users of a selection of tools that help us deliver the best services for our communities


Artificial Intelligence assists by providing insights and analytics on community engagement, identifying hot topics, and even automating routine tasks such as moderating spam and impersonators. This frees up time for more socially complex and strategic tasks, such as fostering meaningful conversations, building relationships with community members, and providing education and support. Additionally, AI-powered tools can help to improve the overall user experience by providing personalized recommendations and improving the accuracy of responses. AI can serve as a valuable asset to community management, but it should not replace human moderators as they bring a level of empathy, creativity, and intuition that cannot be replicated by technology.

Chatbot GPT

An advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI, powered by the cutting-edge GPT-4 architecture. It excels at understanding and generating human-like text, enabling versatile applications like conversation assistance, content generation, and problem-solving, while promoting natural and contextually relevant interactions with users.

An innovative AI tool that effortlessly generates captivating presentations from user prompts, leveraging advanced language models similar to GPT-4. With its natural language processing capabilities, simplifies the creation process, designing visually appealing and contextually relevant slides to enhance communication and audience engagement.

Produce engaging explanatory videos from your script, featuring human-like avatars and voice synthesis. Combining cutting-edge language models with visual and auditory technologies, delivers personalized, informative content to captivate audiences, streamlining video creation and revolutionizing communication.


Midjourney is a revolutionary AI-powered platform, generating stunning images from textual prompts, and garnering widespread attention. Utilizing advanced generative models, Midjourney transforms user input into visually striking and contextually accurate artwork, redefining creative possibilities and sparking conversations across the digital landscape.


As virtual spaces grow exponentially, maintaining a healthy, engaged, and vibrant community can be an overwhelming challenge. We work with powerful digital assistants designed to streamline community interaction and management.

They are essential tools for  us – community managers, effortlessly handling repetitive tasks, providing customer support, and even fostering healthy discussions.

These tools assist in monitoring and moderating content, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all users.


Combot is a versatile community management tool, expertly designed to streamline interactions and enhance engagement in online spaces. Harnessing AI technology, Combot efficiently handles tasks like moderation, user support, and content analysis.


Tickettool is an efficient and user-friendly community support solution, simplifying the ticketing process for Discord communities. With its intuitive interface, Tickettool helps with issue tracking, prioritization, and resolution, enhancing community experiences while improving response times.

A cutting-edge Discord tool, enabling seamless moderation of regional channels by effortlessly breaking language barriers. Instantly translate messages between users, and CMs helping out with global interactions, while simplifying moderation tasks and promoting cross-cultural understanding.


Popular social gamification platform converting casual audiences into dedicated followers. Create questboards, reward top contributors, and gather valuable insights to develop thriving ambassador programs, ultimately creating an engaged and loyal community.


A premier Web3 credential data network and a collaborative infrastructure for brands and developers to engage communities and create robust Web3 products. Galxe revolutionizes digital credentials, fueling communities, and user experiences.


An all-in-one statistics dashboard for Web3 projects, providing powerful community analytics for enhanced understanding and moderation. Its insightful scoring system identifies active members, while streamlining community management and helping projects unlock their full potential.