Web3 Community Management in 2024: The Crucial Role of Expert Support

Managing a web3 community as a startup owner in 2024 presents multifaceted challenges that extend far beyond simple dialogue. Community queries, compliance, scam prevention, and continuous support are just the tip of the iceberg in ensuring engaged and secure community environment.  Web3 Community Management in 2024: A Time-Consuming Endeavor As an owner of a new […]

Why Are Web3 Communities Important?

In the dynamic world of Web3, communities are not just important — they are the heartbeat of innovation and progress. These digital gatherings are where the power of collective intelligence shines. Steering projects through the highs and lows of the technological frontier and financial markets. Harnessing Collective Strength Web3 communities are powerhouses of passion and […]

Revolutionising Community Building: How Lamina1 is Leading the Metaverse Evolution

INTRODUCTION As a community management agency, one of our core values revolves around the concept of culture and its immense importance in the Web3 world (and not only). Considering it the very essence of meaningful and successful initiatives, a project’s community is, essentially, everything, thus investing in building and maintaining a solid one should be […]

Defiants Backs RareCandy3D

A next generation lifestyle platform for NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming We are pleased to announce a partnership with RareCandy3D to provide community guidance and support for the upcoming launch of their innovative lifestyle platform. We have also provided early financial support through the purchase of an NCO (NFT Coin Offering) D-Grade ticket, thereby joining the likes of Arweave. We are […]