Ambassadors & Community Activation in Crypto Startups

Crypto startups thrive on the foundation of their communities. In a world where the blockchain industry is rapidly growing, it is more important than ever to have a strong, loyal community to support your product. However, building such a community can seem daunting, and many startups are left scratching their heads. This is where ambassadors and our community activation service come into play. In this blog post, we will explore the role of ambassadors and community activation in crypto startups. How can help build a loyal community that will set you on the path to success?

Community Activators

The first step in understanding the role of ambassadors and our services is to identify the problem faced by many crypto startups and their communities. The vast majority of startups in this industry face a common problem: lack of awareness and adoption. Consequently, crypto startups heavily rely on their communities to spread the word about their products. This is where our community activators come in. We start off by delegating an experienced team member that will work closely with your HoC or CMO. This individual will assist in helping you analyse and understand the problems you’re facing. Based on this analysis, tailored support is provided in building and engaging communities around a particular product.

Not everyone can become a community activator, they should possess certain qualities. These traits include a sincere passion for the technology, strong communication skills, a creative and strategic mindset, and a genuine desire to help others.

In Action: What Does a Community Activator Do?

  • Spotting Potential Ambassadors: Our activators have a keen eye for identifying members who show genuine enthusiasm and potential leadership qualities. For instance, if a member consistently provides valuable insights or initiates meaningful discussions, our activator might approach them for a more involved role.
  • Narrative Socialisation: They ensure that the project’s story is not just told but lived. They help with hosting AMA sessions, sharing behind-the-scenes updates, or supporting community chats, they make sure every member feels connected to the project’s journey.
  • Sentiment Analysis: They gauge the mood of the community. For example, after a major project update, they might assess reactions, prepare reports, gather feedback, and relay it to the project leads, ensuring that the community’s voice is heard.
  • Engagement Initiatives: If the community’s engagement seems to wane, our activators might launch a contest, share intriguing content, or even initiate discussions using their private organic accounts to reignite the spark. They’re always on their toes, ensuring the community remains lively and engaged.
  • Bridge Building: Acting as a liaison, they ensure seamless communication between the community and the project’s CMO or CGO. If the community has concerns about a new feature, our activator ensures it’s addressed by the right people.
  • Cultivating Relationships: They remember the milestones, celebrate community achievements, and are always there, cheering for every member. By recognizing top contributors or hosting exclusive sessions for them, they make members feel valued.
  • Crafting a Positive Culture: Our activators rally the ambassadors, creating a ripple effect of positivity. They might initiate weekly positivity threads, share success stories, or even host virtual meet-ups, ensuring the community remains a supportive space for all.

Ambassadors: An Overview

One effective way to amplify the work of our community activators is through the use of ambassadors. Ambassadors are individuals who represent a brand and promote it to their network. They are passionate about the product and build an active network around them that can help spread the word. The use of ambassadors skyrocketed in the early days of crypto, especially during ICOs. However, even in today’s post-ICO world, ambassadors still play a crucial role in community activation. They help take the load off community activators, CMOs, HoCs and so on by leveraging their networks. Not only this, but ambassadors also provide an extra level of legitimacy and trustworthiness.

When and Why to Use Ambassadors

One question that many crypto startups ask is: when is the best time to use ambassadors? The short answer is that it all depends on your startup’s phase, target audience, and goals. Generally, early-stage startups benefit the most from ambassador programs. The reason being that they typically have limited resources, and hence need to leverage their communities to spread the word. Moreover, startups that target a niche audience are more likely to benefit from ambassador programs since their community is likely to be small and tight-knit.

Identifying and Motivating Ambassadors

The next question that comes to mind is how to identify potential ambassadors. The best way to go about this is by looking within your community. You can start by identifying community members who are already active in engaging with your product. If you are running a Discord or Telegram community, look for members who are frequently sharing links and content about your product. Then, reach out to these members and offer them the opportunity to become an ambassador. Other ways to identify ambassadors include running a social media campaign or having a referral program specifically designed for ambassadorship.

So, what motivates ambassadors to take on such a role? The answer is not one-dimensional. Ambassadors are typically motivated by one or more of the following things: passion for the product, incentives, prestige, and/or a desire to help others. Defining and communicating these motivations to ambassadors is critical in keeping them engaged and motivated to help spread the word about your product.

Expectations and Impact of Ambassadors

Lastly, what can be expected from ambassadors? In short, a lot. In addition to increased brand visibility and traction, ambassadors can help foster a sense of community around your product. They can be relied upon to create and curate engaging content, answer questions on forums and social media, and serve as a support system for new users. Especially in times of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), ambassadors act as steadying forces, dispelling misconceptions and reiterating the product’s value proposition. This not only helps build a loyal following but also serves as social proof. Consequently, this will help attract new users and investors.


In summary, ambassadors and community activation serve as a linchpin in community-building for crypto startups. They can help amplify the work of community activators, provide an extra layer of legitimacy, and foster a sense of community around your product. Carefully selecting our community activators and deploying them to assist with ambassador programmes may be the final step in ensuring the success of your community strategy. While it may seem challenging at first, remember that building a strong, loyal community takes time and effort, but it’s worth it!